About me

During my tours I will show you the unique characteristics of the people of Naples, the food that can be tasted in the hidden trattorias, the music that is sung in the typical bars and many little known and visited places in the city. With me you will see the contrasts of the wonderful Campania region, unique in the world for the large number of sites to visit. In Naples you will see the old town, the Sanità district with the fontanelle cemetery, the Galleria Umberto, the Spanish quarters, the Castel dell ‘ovo, the district of Santa Lucia and the Pallonnetto.

Naples is a city of contrasts, of wealth and poverty, of nobility, where the sacred and the profane mix in a single one that is difficult to separate. I also organize tours in the places described in Elena Ferrante’s books and in all sites of the Campania region, private and personalized and I like to know the curiosities and interests of my customers. I also deal with tours aimed at researching family origins. You can choose one of the proposed tours or build your own tour accompanied by my suggestions.